Javier Ferrando Photographer

Narrative Documentary Photo, Fine Art Photography, Travel Experience & Landscape, Visual Artist. Barcelona and Mexico D.F.

Photographer born in Barcelona (Spain). Work as a fine art photographer and documentary photographer since 2009. With photography exhibitions in "Barcelona, Huelva, Asturias (Spain)", "New York, Miami (USA)". Publicated in online magazines. Edited a photography book "Las Americas Fotografía de Autor" and participated in one collective book "Diccionario de fotógrafos españoles". Some of the projects are "Somnio", "90 Degrees", Bolivian Mines and others.

Photography Education

  • Grisart - Escola Superior de Fotografia de Barcelona. (3 years)
  • Col.legi de Periodistes de Catalunya. (Workshop)
  • Fundación Pedro Meyer, Mexico D.F. (2 Workshops)
  • Circulo Rojo, Mexico D.F. (2 Workshops)
  • MOOCs of photography and online webinars

Last Exhibition

  • Exhibition | Art Takes Miami collaboration with See | Me. (2014)
  • Exhibition | Times Square, NYC. The show displayed in the Billboards located at 46th St. and Broadway. (2014)
  • See | Exhibition Space - Creative exhibition in New York . U.S.A (Collective)
  • Exhibition of the Cooper Foundation, Huelva, Spain. (Collective)
  • Exhibition of the Casa de la Cultura de La Felguera, Spain. (Collective)
  • Exhibition of Grisart Gallery School - Barcelona, Spain. (Collective)

Last Events