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Bolivian Mines Documentary Photo

Bolivian Mines

Mine Workers of Potosí, Bolivia. They work in extremely dangerous and precarious labor conditions. Some landslides ends with their lives, but it is the only source of income they have to live. (2012)

Mexico Penitent Documentary Photo

Mexico Penitent

Penitente Encruzado, wrapped in horse hair rope, carries a 40 kilo (90lbs) bundle of barbed 'zarza' canes, during the Thursday night procession. Holy week in Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico. (2011)

Colombian Coffee Documentary Photo

Colombian Coffee

Hacienda Venecia exporter of colombian coffee, UTZ certified. Juan Valdez. Manizales, Colombia. (2012)

Animeecheri k uinchekua, day of the dead documentary Photo

Animeecheri k uinchekua

The Feast of Souls is a ritual ceremony Purepecha community where they celebrate the night of the dead in the company of the dead. Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. (2011)

90 Degrees Fine art Photography

90 Degrees

See in 90 Degrees is a personal project. It is a work long-term intended to represent an idea of ​​the moment with a vertical view. All images are in vertical position (2011-2014, Ongoing Project)

Somnio Project Fine Art Photography

Somnio Project

This photography project is a personal interpretation about a dreams in my stay in Mexico. (2011-2014)